Saturday, February 2, 2013

A comment on Zola and THE NEW HUNGER

I want to share this comment from a reader because it says a lot of things I'd like to say but from a perspective more credible than the guy selling something:

I know lots of people are really not fans of ebooks, but Zola are fantastic. Someone there was very patiently answering my emails at 5:55 New York time (on a Friday!) to make sure I got the book (I was having difficulties because I'm in the UK). To anyone worrying about it, don't - they really do seem to care about their customers, authors and books.

Anyway, The New Hunger kept me up most of the night - first reading it straight through and then my head was buzzing thinking about it. It was a joy to get some more insight into these characters. Some things about them really surprised me. It confirmed Nora Greene as my favourite character - she's just incredible. And that moment where the new character gives *that* speech - my hair stood on end (sorry to be vague, I just don't want to spoil it for anyone).

While I was really happy to hear there was a sequel to Warm Bodies on the way - just because spending time with these characters is always going to make me happy - I didn't think it was *needed*. But The New Hunger opens the world up so much, I've completely changed my mind.

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