Friday, July 2, 2010

Update on new book, new stories, Warm Bodies prequel...?

I've been tweeting and Facebooking about this plenty lately but haven't said much on the official-type blog thing, so....update! My short-story collection, FLASHLIGHTS IN THE BASEMENT, is close to done. It's going to contain several new stories that I haven't published on the internets, not even one of the many possible internets I have to choose from.

Two of these new stories are notable. The first, called "The Basement", is over a hundred pages long--almost a novella, really. It's unlike anything I've ever written, very strange in both content and style, yet probably a lot more "fun" than most of my stuff. Lighthearted and kinda goofy, while also being insanely dark and creepy. It's a highly fictionalized version of my time living with 5 college kids in a college house in a college town last fall. With um...supernatural elements. Weird ones.

The second notable story, called "Two Kids, Living" takes place in the world of WARM BODIES several years prior to R's little adventure. It shows what happened to Nora Greene after she was abandoned in the ruins by her parents, including encounters with certain other characters at earlier stages of their lives and post-lives. Still writing this one, but it's going to be pretty substantial as well. Really excited about it.

Once I finish "Two Kids, Living", all that's left to do is a few editing passes of this and the other stories, and the book will begin production at the same print shop where I did the original runs of WARM BODIES.

Also, stay tuned (you know, with your internet tuning forks?) for updates on the WARM BODIES movie, which is rapidly moving forward. I'll tell you more as soon as my handlers give me the go-ahead.



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