Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reviews of Hit Films

I have a blog so I figured I might as well become a film critic. Here are my reviews of some recent Hit Films.


I saw Iron Man 2 with some friends and later we went to a pizza place and got pizzas. I heard Robert Downey Jr. is a good actor. I liked the parts with Iron Man.


I saw this on DVD yesterday. I was eating salad with chop sticks so I had to be looking down at my plate a lot so I wouldn't drop salad all over, so I missed the beginning of the movie. Some people say Avatar is a rip off of Fern Gully, Dances With Wolves, and Pocahontas, but I haven't seen any of those movies so it was cool. I liked the part with the blue people.


This is a remake of a Disney movie from when I was a kid, except in that one all the people were animals for some reason. This one was more realistic and had a lot more battles and stuff, but the girl wasn't as hot as the fox girl in the Disney one. Some people think this movie is overlong, convoluted, and underwhelming, but I don't know what those words mean so it was cool. I liked the part where Robin Hood shot arrows.


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