Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got lunch today at a grimy little Mexican migrant taco bus in the Rainier area ghetto, and they were playing Boards of Canada�s Music Has the Right to Children album on their little stereo. No, not really, but for a second I thought they were. Can you imagine?

Later, I was walking on the street and stopped to tie my shoe. I�m a guy whose shoes come mysteriously untied all the damn time. I don�t know if I�ve ever in my life seen someone else stopping on the street to tie their shoes, but I do it all the damn time. I don�t understand it. Very annoying. I bent down to tie my shoe, and noticed a little skirmish taking place in miniature on the sidewalk, a little ruckus, a kerfuffle if you will, between several ants and a grub of some kind. The ants were gathered around and on top of the grub just whaling on it, just kicking this grub�s ass, and the grub was doing its defensive manuever/dance move that involves it pretty much just thrashing back, forth, back, forth, sorta writhing on the ground in a gyrating motion that I could imagine being potentially sexy on a different body type, like maybe something with limbs. And as I watched this battle take place, this little frou frou, I considered intervening to break things up, as I didn�t really like the idea of multiple ants ganging up on a fat fleshy turd that doesn�t even have limbs. But then I realized that I probably didn�t like whatever nasty species that grub was going to turn into anyway, so I just walked away.

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