Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Have you heard V8 juice's new slogan? It's:

"You Could've Had a V8".

I love the note of hopelessness and despair in this one.
It would seem advertising slogans have almost come full circle in their semantic tense. Back in the olden days, everything was an imperitive, telling you to
do something, telling you, the consumer, what to consume and exactly how to consume it. You know, "Eat at Joes!" "Enjoy Coca Cola!" etc. Then came a softer, more sensitive era where this approach of direct action was deemed too agressive, so everything became a little more uncertain and switched over to questions. "Where Do You Want to Go Today?" "How Many Bars Do You Have?" "What Are You Gonna Love at Qdoba?" etc.

Now apparently we've given up on convincing and cajoling people, and settled on just a weary sigh of resignation and regret over their poor choices.

"You Could've Had a V8..."

What other slogans can we expect to come out of this new advertising trend?

"You Were In Much Better Hands With AllState." (Allstate)

"Still Happy With That PC?" (Apple)

"You Left Home Without It, Didn't You??" (American Express)

"Too bad you grew up. What Are You Like 30 Now?" (Toys R Us)

"Home Improvement Could Have Been Improved A Lot More, But We Tried." (Lowes)

"Remember How Well You Used to Be Able to Hear Me?" (Verizon)

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