Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yeah, I tried it.
After being bombarded by all these ads on Myspace featuring photos of attractive women being manipulated by Flash into doing strange dance moves while bending and stretching in unnatural ways, I finally gave in and just created a profile. Just to see what happens, you know. My profile name was even "notreallytrying". (Which is better than Littlekidlover, right?*)

Apparently I'm way awesome because I immediately got a couple emails and a bunch of electronic "Winks". Of course if I want to read those emails, or respond to those Winks, I have to subscribe. Which is 35 dollars a month.

This immediately begs the question--what kind of people are willing to pay 35$ a month for a "dating service" that is essentially Myspace with a personality search engine? Considering that every girl I've ever been attracted to in my life would puke if I even told them about this, I'm guessing not the kind of people I want to be dating.

This is basically going to be a filter to collect all the Rich and/or Desperate people in the world, and I am neither rich nor desperate. I can say at least half of that statement with absolute certainty.

My apologies if any readers are subscribers. But seriously. Thirty-five dollars? True love isn't worth a penny over 29.99$.

* The Office

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